What Do Hamsters Like To Play With?

Hamsters are inquisitive little animals that adore exploring their habitat. They’re incredibly playful and relish engaging in fun activities to keep them entertained. To ensure your hamster’s well-being, offer it a variety of toys, objects, and activities to stimulate its mind and body. What types of items do hamsters love playing with? 

They love to play with exercise wheels, plastic balls, chew toys, cages made explicitly for hamsters, and chewable objects such as wood blocks. They enjoy interactive toys such as ladders and card boxes to keep them active. They also like to explore the space around them by digging in the ground. 

This article will discuss some of the best toys and play items that are safe for hamsters. We will cover the different types of toys and activities that are available to keep your hamster entertained, healthy, and engaged. So, let’s dive in and discover what hamsters like to play with!

9 Toys That Hamsters Love To Play With

Hamsters are active and playful animals that need stimulating activities to stay entertained. To meet their natural curiosity, hamsters enjoy playing with a variety of toys, such as:

1. Exercise Wheel

It provides hamsters with a fun way of getting physical activity and can help keep them strong and healthy. Hamster exercise wheels come in different sizes and shapes; however, the essential feature is that they must be large enough for a hamster to turn comfortably without being cramped or having difficulty navigating it. 

It should also be made from durable materials to withstand a hamster’s weight. This will help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for your pet. Hamsters love to explore their environment, and running on an exercise wheel is fun and beneficial.

2. Chewable Toys

Hamsters love to explore and gnaw on chewable wood, paper, or cardboard toys. These playthings help keep their teeth healthy by exercising gums and scrubbing away plaque. Colorful ladders, bridges, tunnels, wheels, and houses offer a secure hideaway for your pet pal. So provide plenty of chewable toys to give your furry friend the playtime they deserve!

3. Hamster Balls

Hamsters love the freedom to explore their environment that hamster balls provide. These transparent plastic spheres have air holes, as well as a handle for easy transport. A perfect fit for your pet to crawl inside and embark on an adventure!

Not only will they get physical exercise, but they will also gain mental stimulation from exploring different sights and smells in their surroundings.

4. Digging

Hamsters like to dig, and it is one of their natural behaviors. Digging provides mental stimulation for hamsters and can help them stay active. Hamsters burrow in their bedding, searching for food and creating cozy nests. Digging also allows them to explore and express their instincts. 

Giving him plenty of opportunities to dig is essential to keep your hamster happy and healthy. Allowing him access to these materials will provide him with something fun and stimulating to do. 

5. Tunnels and Tubes

Tunnels and tubes provide a safe place for your hamster to hide away from disturbances or play in isolation. Choosing tunnels and pipes that are the right size for your pet and free of sharp edges is vital to prevent injuries. 

To ensure your hamster is getting the most out of their tunnel and tube playtime, you can rotate them regularly and make sure they remain clean. This will keep your pet entertained and stimulated while in its cage.

6. Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes provide a fun and safe way to entertain your hamster. The different colors and textures they offer create a stimulating environment for them to explore – from tunnels to hideaways. Plus, the cardboard won’t splinter if chewed! 

So give your pet hours of playtime with cardboard boxes for an affordable price. Your furry friend will have fun for hours! 

7. Climbing and Housing

Hamsters enjoy climbing and housing activities, which provide great mental and physical stimulation for your pet. Climbing activities help burn energy and allow your hamster to explore and express their curiosity. Hamsters can climb on ladders, ramps, plastic tunnels, or even homemade structures like towers. When choosing a climbing structure for your pet, ensure it is safe and secure.

Housing activities involve providing your hamster with a safe place to sleep and hide from the turmoil of the outside world. When choosing a home for your pet, make sure that it is large enough for them to move around in and that there are no sharp edges that could injure them.

8. Sand Bath

Sand baths allow hamsters to roll around and clean off their fur, aiding in removing oil and dirt. It also allows them to fluff their coats for insulation against cold weather. Place a shallow pan filled with sand or fine dust in its enclosure to give your hamster a sand bath. Your hamster will naturally start rolling around and bury itself in the sand, cleaning its fur as they go along. 

9. Hammocks

Hamsters love to swing in a hammock. They use them as a fun place to hide, hang and relax. To ensure your hamster is safe and comfortable in the hammock, you should always ensure it fits securely in its cage, using clips or other fastenings that won’t quickly come loose. Keep the hammock low enough to the ground so they can quickly get in and out of it. 

Providing your pet with a cozy hammock will allow them to feel comfortable and safe, away from the fuss of their daily life. A hammock is great for your hamster’s physical health and can also help promote their mental well-being, allowing them to explore, climb, hide, and have fun!

What Kind of Materials Is Safe for Hamsters To Play With?

Hamsters love to play and explore, so providing them with safe materials is essential. Safe materials include cardboard tubes, untreated wood shavings and chews, natural cotton ropes, hard plastic chew toys (not soft rubber), hay cubes and balls, and other small safe items such as paper towel rolls. 

It’s important to avoid things such as treated wood shavings, plastic that isn’t safe to chew, and other small items that could be swallowed. Additionally, avoid using glass or metals in the hamster’s habitat as they can break and injure the animal.

Are There Specific Activities That Hamsters Find Stimulating or Comforting?

Yes, there are certain activities that hamsters find stimulating and comforting. Hamsters enjoy physical activities such as running on their wheel, playing with tubes and tunnels, exploring outside the cage in a safe environment, and chewing on exciting objects. They also like mental stimulation, such as exploring new territories, learning tricks, and solving puzzles. 

Providing a variety of toys and activities can help prevent boredom and keep your hamster entertained. Occasionally, you can add new elements to the cage to keep things interesting.

What Environmental Enrichment Can Owners Add to a Hamster’s Cage To Entertain Them?

There are many items that owners can add to a hamster’s cage to help keep them entertained. Some ideas include:

  • Hideouts: Offering hiding spots for your pet also provides enrichment as it gives them a place to feel safe and secure. A cardboard box or store-bought plastic hideout can work great for this purpose.
  • Food puzzles: Owners can also create puzzles for their hamsters to encourage them to search for food, providing stimulation and exercise.
  • Treats: Hamsters love treats such as seeds, nuts, and fruits. Offering these will give your pet something to look forward to each day.

How Often Should I Change out My Hamster’s Toys To Keep Them Stimulated?

It is recommended to switch out your hamster’s toys every few weeks. Try introducing new, engaging items such as chewable cardboard houses, tunnels, and mazes for them to explore and play with. You could also rotate the same toys to keep them attractive for your pet. 

Be sure you clean the toys with a mild soap solution or pet-safe cleaners each time before introducing them back into their habitat to avoid the spread of bacteria. In addition, try adding plenty of foraging opportunities with various chewable treats and toys your hamster can explore for hours at a time!  

Final Thoughts

Hamsters are inquisitive creatures that love to explore and play. Paper towel rolls, exercise wheels, and other toys can provide them with plenty of fun activities. But ensure your hamsters have only safe items they can chew on – this will keep them healthy and happy. Stimulation through the right items is key to giving your pet a joyful life!  

Do you have any fun or creative ideas for how to enrich your hamster’s environment? We would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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