How Much Bearded Dragons Cost?

If you want to own a bearded dragon (beardies), you should think about how much it will cost to keep it and its habitat in good shape. Getting a pet, whether a bearded dragon or another kind, is never easy or inexpensive. You must consider not just the expense of purchasing a bearded dragon but also the cost of keeping one.

A bearded dragon can range anywhere from $50 to $1000. This will vary depending on the age category from a hatchling, a baby, a juvenile, or a young adult, will change the price. Different Bearded Dragon Morphs will affect the price, with the Silkie Bearded Dragon being one of the most expensive.

This price can go up or down, depending on the number of situations. Here are some factors that affect the Beardies’ price.

Bearded Dragon Price Break Down – Ranges based on reviewing Multiple Breeders Prices may vary.

Type Of Bearded DragonHatchling CostWell Started Baby CostJuvenile CostYoung Adult Cost
Beard Dragon $50-$189$195-220$250-280$350-450
Citrus Bearded Dragon$189-200$220-250$340-400$380-500
Hypo Bearded Dragon$250-290$290-330$380-400$400-500
Red Bearded Dragon$240-300$280-330$340-400$750-900
Leather Back Bearded Dragon$220-250$270-300$320-350750-900
Fancy Bearded Dragon$180-200$220-250$270-330$300-400
Silkie Bearded Dragon$229-250$240-300$370-400$900-1200
Prices based on reviewing multiple breeders – prices will vary.

Factors Affecting the Price of a Bearded Dragon


You must remember that age is a significant factor if you are considering purchasing a Beardie for your collection. The younger the Beardie, the more affordable it is when purchased from a shop. In addition, a bearded Beardie’s age is a factor in determining its size. Therefore, if you have limited money and space for their housing, it is recommended that you purchase the juveniles.


The Pogona species of Beardies are the most popular and the least expensive of all the many varieties. These Beardies are often found for sale in pet stores of this particular kind. In addition, one should expect to pay a greater price for a unique kind of this reptile.

Supplier reputation

When purchasing Beardies, it is essential to remember that the cost might range significantly between different pet retailers. In addition, private breeders choose their pricing according to how much profit they expect to make. Before obtaining this reptile, it is essential to first carry out some study on it.


This significantly impacts buyers who live a long distance from local pet retailers because transportation will result in additional costs. Taking into consideration the fact that certain shops do not let purchases be made online.

How Much Do Bearded Dragon Supplies Cost?

Buying all the things you need to house and feed your Beardie is where the real cost of having a bearded dragon shows. 

Tanks & Enclosures

The size of the tank you buy will depend on how big your Beardie is, but let’s say you end up with a 50-gallon tank.  The price of a brand-new 50-gallon tank may range anywhere from $120 to $150, and the cost is directly related to how great you would like the tank to look. In addition to this, you will need to purchase a screen cover for the tank, which will run you around $25. 


The habitat floor will be covered with substrate once it has been prepared. The cost of the substrate depends a lot on what materials you use and how big the box is. You will require a greater quantity of substrate according to the size of the enclosure.

Using old newspapers as a substrate is not just a low-cost option but also requires nothing in the way of upkeep. On the other hand, the appearance of the newspaper is not particularly appealing to the eye. Silica-free sand is available in home improvement stores and pet stores. Each bag can range in price anywhere from $5 to $13.

Calci-sand is yet another substrate option that is frequently utilized for bearded dragons. Calci-Sand is a calcium-based sand that was formulated expressly for use with reptiles. Compared to conventional sand, it may be quite a bit more expensive, with prices ranging from $8 to $15 per bag.

Heat Lamps

Beardies are believed to have originated in the desert. This means that they are mostly warm-blooded animals and have lived in temperatures between 25 and 44 degrees Celsius for a long time.

In captivity, they need to be kept in an environment similar to what they would find in the wild. To do this, the enclosure needs to have a proper heat gradient. A heat lamp is the most effective tool for providing the necessary temperature range in an environment.


Food is one of the essential things your beardies need. This is particularly true during the stages in which they are hatchlings and juveniles. This one supply has a significant influence on both their health and their growth. You need to provide them with food that is balanced and rich in nutrients.

Beardies are omnivores, which means they eat plant and animal matter. A diverse selection of insect matter and plant matter (vegetables and greens) is available.

You want to give your beardies as much variety as possible, so they don’t become bored. Certain insects are more expensive than others, but you should still try to get as much variety as possible.


The thermometer will help you ensure that your Beardie is always living in the best environment. Controlling the temperature is essential if you want your pet to maintain the highest possible level of health and happiness.

The only way to ensure that the temperature in his cage stays the same and doesn’t change is to keep an eye on them. It is advisable to have a thermometer on both the warm side, where your bearded dragon may bask in the sun and the chilly side, where he can lounge.

Medical/Vet Care

This is one of the costs you should expect to pay for a bearded dragon that you can’t predict.

You should take your Beardie to the vet within two days of bringing it home. This allows your vet to do several tests to ensure they’re healthy and parasite-free. In addition, your Beardie should be examined periodically by a reptile vet.

Additionally, a sudden sickness might increase this expense. The cost of just getting a diagnosis could be as much as a hundred dollars.  If there are no major or severe health problems, medical costs can range from $60 to $130 per year.

How Much Bearded Dragons Cost?

Maintenance Costs of Owning a Bearded Dragon

When deciding what kind of pet to get, you probably give priority to finding one that is both adorable and easy to care for. This has been the accepted practice for owning a pet in modern times. On the other hand, Bearded Dragons are considered by some people to be the cutest of all reptiles, which is why they make excellent pets.

You must ensure that you are both physically and financially stable before getting a pet. Having pets might increase the amount of labour you need to do. But keeping one is a good idea because you can find a good friend in them right away.

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