Are leopard geckos good pets for beginners?

Leopard Geckos (Leos) continue to make beautiful pets even though the Bearded Dragon has eclipsed their popularity in recent years. However, what is it about the Leos that makes it the all-time favorite species of reptiles for many individuals? Similarly, Are Leopard Geckos good pets for beginners?

This little, brilliantly colorful lizard is an ideal beginner companion for anybody interested in reptiles. There are several reasons why a Leopard Gecko would make a good pet: easy caring, low maintenance needs, simple cage requirements, long life span, and many more.

Let us discuss all those reasons in detail (which make Leos a good pet for beginners.

Reasons why Leopard Geckoes (Leos) are good pets for beginners?

·       They require very little attention and care

Every reptile species requires specialized care, and we ought to do everything in our power to ensure that ours remain in the best possible condition. However, Leos are not overly picky, and it is not difficult to craft an environment that is suitable for them. During the day, you only need a light bulb to simulate the sun’s heat and to warm the air around the Leos. Similarly, during the night, you only have to use a heat mat that is regulated by a thermostat in order to re-create the heat that is held in the ground.

Leopard Geckos are not picky feeders and will consume a wide range of insects, even those that have been sprinkled with powdered vitamin and mineral supplements. It is not necessary to spray the vivarium since they will sip water directly from their water dish.

·       They only need one size tank for their whole life

Even though leopard geckos may reach a length of over 9 to 10 inches when they reach adulthood, they do not need as much room as many other types of lizards. The very minimum for housing Leos when they are newborns (0-2 months old) is a tank that is 10 gallons in capacity, but as they get bigger, they will want a tank that is 20 gallons in capacity. After that, there is no further requirement for the tank size.

Because leopard geckos mature at such a rapid rate, many people are of the opinion that it is more cost-effective to purchase a 20-gallon tank right from the start rather than purchasing a 10-gallon tank first and then upgrading to a larger one shortly after that.

·       Leos are generally very clean creatures

Leopard geckos, in contrast to many other species of animals, place a great deal of importance on maintaining a clean appearance at all times and take great satisfaction in doing so. You will discover that the majority of them “use the bathroom” in the exact location each time; consequently, this will make it much simpler for you to clean up their waste when you do it. Their bowel motions are relatively seldom, and despite the fact that they are unpleasant, they are incredibly simple to clean up after. In addition to this, after shedding their skin, they consume it as a food source. Now, the reason for this is not only to keep the area in which they live clean but also to make it more difficult for potential predators to locate them.

They may be confined to a tank, but being reptiles, they will never lose the urge that drives them to avoid being another animal’s meal. This instinct instructs them to take whatever precautions are required to protect themselves from being eaten by another animal. And whether they maintain clean in order to be safe, or whether or not they simply appreciate having their space be nice and warm, the fact remains that they do a fairly excellent job of doing whatever it is that they do to keep it clean.

·       They best served as a family pet

Because of their submissive and laid-back demeanor, Leopard Geckos are excellent pets for any and all family members. They like being held by kids of any age and will slowly stroll across the hands of those who are gentle with them. They are not hostile by nature, but it is essential to show respect for them just like you would any other animal.

·       They are really lovely in appearance

Large, doe-like eyes, markings like a leopard, and a grin that stretched from ear to ear. These guys are beautiful examples of their own species.

You can also purchase Leos in a number of various color morphs, in addition to the typical “leopard” version. If you want something, a little different, Leo breeders will provide you with options between pure white “blizzards” and brilliant orange “tangerines.” Although they all have the charming demeanor of a Leos, they do offer you some variety.

·       Long lifespan

If it is given the appropriate care, a Leopard Gecko may easily survive for more than 18-20 years. 

·       They are extremely friendly in nature

They are extremely friendly little reptiles that prefer to be held daily when you have built that deep link between the two of you. However, remember that they are incredibly fragile, so you will need to treat them with extreme caution at all times.

They genuinely appreciate the heat of your skin and will even cuddle up in your palm or on your lap to suck up some of that organic heat. This is because they are cold-blooded lizards and cannot produce their own body heat. However, because they are creatures that generally like to be left alone, they do not enjoy being held quite as much as other pets do. However, when they do show love, it is genuine and heartfelt.

·       They are not too costly

There is a wide range of coloration (morph) that may be found in leopard geckos; however, some of these morphs are much rarer than others, meaning their prices can vary relatively a little.  You may anticipate spending no more than around $20–$40, give or take, on those specific leopard geckos if you shop smart.

When compared to the cost of other animals, that is actually rather reasonable. In addition, taking into account the fact that they can live for over 20 years, spending that much money on a Leos is an investment that is more than justified. Certain popular animals, such as hamsters, are kept as pets in homes that can be more expensive yet do not live nearly as long. Therefore, you are unquestionably getting your money’s worth with these adorable little critters that may be found in plenty.

·       They’re very easy to breed/mate

Leos will typically reproduce on their own, without any intervention from you, provided that the appropriate circumstances are there. Most of the time, you won’t even realize your Leo is pregnant until you discover a few eggs in their nesting box that you weren’t expecting to see there. It is impossible to keep adult males together, yet a group of adult females and one adult male may coexist peacefully. Raising your own creatures may be incredibly gratifying; therefore, this is a significant advantage of keeping Leopard Geckos.

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