What type of finch makes the best pet?

Finches are found worldwide in a variety of colors and patterns. Actually, there are many distinct kinds, each with its own personality traits and qualities that distinguish them from the others. The following question arises: if you want to choose only one finch that would make the ideal pet, how do you decide which one to choose?

The Zebra finch makes the best pet bird since it is one of the most common birds and is also one of the easiest to care for. It is brightly colored, friendly, and easy to keep as a pet. It is a wonderful option for first-time bird owners due to the fact that they are tough and resilient. 

Furthermore, zebra finches are cheerful and active finches. They are very active and do not usually make loud noises chirps like other finches (which makes them better pets than other finches). However, it is preferable to keep them in pairs since it can be really amusing to watch them interact with one another.

More about zebra finch

This species is resilient and very easy to care for, making it a good choice for beginners. It is a beautiful choice for someone who is purchasing their first bird. Zebra finches are generally maintained in pairs and are capable of keeping themselves entertained without requiring much involvement from their owners. This species is an excellent alternative for those who don’t have much time to devote to their pet finch. Other finches may be more vibrantly colored, but none of them are as easy to care for as zebra finches.

A word of caution

Zebra finches are highly territorial. So, due to this, please use caution if you have other birds in the same area. To summarize, they are highly social and energetic, and as their parent, you will have a great time playing with this species of finch!

Following the zebra finch, several additional varieties of pet finches are excellent choices.

Let us discuss them all

Some other finches that make great pets

While there are many different varieties of finches in the world, the finches listed below are the ones that make the finest pets. They offer the greatest disposition and characteristics you could ask for in a new avian companion!

  • Star Finch: This finch is an eye-catching and sweet bird. These birds have a stunning appearance, with a greenish chest, olive tail, and a crimson face. Furthermore, the white patches around the neck of this bird contribute to its distinct and individual appearance. These finches are on the smaller side when compared to other finches. When fully grown, they reach roughly 4.5 inches. They are slim and sleekier than all other finches. Like almost all other finches, these tiny birds are calm, quiet, and incredibly serene creatures!
  • Owl Finch: The owl finch is a bird that deserves to be so named. It is, in fact, an owl in appearance! It has a white face, a brownish body, and a whitish chest due to this. A dual black line that runs across the bottom of their faces and down their breast is arguably the most distinctive feature in these birds. In fact, there is no other bird in the world that looks anything like it! Like several other finches on this list, this bird grows to be around four inches in length when fully grown. It is worth mentioning that, while these birds make fantastic pets, they are becoming increasingly difficult to come by. They are much more expensive to purchase, so expect to pay more than $150 for one of these magnificent birds.
  • Society Finch: This finch species is a very elusive but perceptive observer regarding looks. White chests and a brown back are the only things that distinguish this bird from the rest of the flock. One may even guess it’s a sort of sparrow based on its appearance! On the other hand, the Society finch is considered one of the finest avian companions to keep as a pet because of its resistance to disease and friendly nature. These finches are the loveliest to be around. Consider the fact that these well-liked finches will frequently function as foster mothers/fathers to demonstrate just how friendly they are. That is, they will rear chicks from a variety of species in addition to their own! It would be not easy to locate another bird who would be prepared to undertake such a thing. When completely mature, these finches are around 4 inches tall, which is small for their species.
  • Plum-Headed Finch: This finch species is a near cousin of the Society finch. The significant difference between the two finches is that the Plum finch is a bit less conspicuous in its look. While they have a lovely plum head, the remainder of their body is brownish and whitish spots, as implied by their namesake species. Even though they are not as visually startling, they are nonetheless rather attractive. They are pretty similar to the Society finches in terms of attitude and care, with the main significant difference would be that the Plum finch is less shy than the Society finch.
  • Strawberry Finch: In addition to being a stunning bird, the Strawberry finch is so named because of its red and black coat. Aside from that, it has several white dots all over its body, which gives it a pleasing, unique appearance. Like the Star finch, these birds reach a maximum size of roughly 4 inches in length. Even when thoroughly developed, they are incredibly light weigh less than half of an ounce! They are also relatively little! It’s worth mentioning that this particular kind of finch has one of the most beautiful melodies of all of the bird species. It has a flute-like tone to it, and it can be highly hypnotic to listen to!
  • Gouldian Finch: This bird is impressive and stunning in its beauty. It’s a finch with an orange beak, as the name suggests. Gouldian finches have a variety of colors, including purple breast, yellow tummies, and green on the rear of their bodies. They have a distinctive appearance, and once they have settled in, they make excellent small pets. Gouldian finches reach a maximum height of five inches. They are also known for being relatively light in weight. In addition, they are a fairly docile type, so if you’re attempting to raise numerous finches in the same enclosure, this is one kind you should consider. In addition, it’s essential to be knowledgeable about bird hygiene and general care before opting to adopt a pet bird into your house.

Which finch is the most prevalent in the world?

The House Finch is the most abundant and widespread of all finch species. It is distinguished by its red head, chest, and tail, but it lacks red coloration on its brown back and wings. This distinguishes it from the other finches. 

Are finches a good choice for newbies?

The fact that finches are tiny, take minimal care, and are entertaining to watch flitting around their cage makes them an excellent choice for first-time bird owners or youngsters. Finches are typically hardy, and as a result, older children (over the age of 8) may be effective primary caregivers for them.

Are wild finches allowed to be kept as pets?

Wild finches are prohibited from being kept as pets, so you’ll have to make your you select from among the domesticated varieties of finches. 

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