Male Cockatiels in the same cage. All you need to know if it is going to work out.

Pets are fantastic companions, and we love them with all our hearts. But who is there to keep your pet company when you are away? At times we’ve considered getting another pet to keep the one we have company, but you want to be sure that two birds can get along before you set out to purchase another when it comes to cockatiels. You’ve found your way here because you want to know if two male cockatiels can live together. Well, we have an answer for you. 

Can two male cockatiels live together? Yes, two male cockatiels can live together, but it’s in their best interest and yours to put them in separate cages, at least in the beginning. You can put their cages next to each other to see how they interact. But, unless you purchase both birds simultaneously, there are steps you need to take before your cockatiels even meet. 

If you purchased both simultaneously, they could be in the same room, but you may want to slowly introduce them to each other. You can keep the cages at opposite ends of the room until they get used to each other. Of course, if they were caged together at the store where you purchased them, then they are likely already able to live in the same cage. 

Being able to tell if they are going to get along

An excellent way to tell if your birds are not getting along is one, or both of them, will squawk and hiss at each other. If this happens, then you should separate them into different cells. 

If you already have one cockatiel at home and are considering bringing in another, then you first want to make sure you are familiar with the introduction method, which we will get to later. 

First, keep the new bird in a separate room for a week to ensure they aren’t carrying any diseases that they can transfer to your other bird. You can take them to an avian vet to have them tested as well. We always recommend finding an avian vet when you get a bird because they specialize in treating cockatiels. 

Once you are sure your new bird is free of any infectious disorders, you are ready to introduce them. 

How to introduce your birds to each other. Once you are ready to make that introduction, you should take steps to make a proper and safe meeting of the feathered minds. 

Step One:

Put the cages next to each other. Leave them there and watch what happens. Are they checking each other out, or are they ignoring each other, which would be pretty odd? If anything, they should be curious and do some investigating. 

If they are hissing at each other, then that is a clear sign that they are NOT getting along. You may want to separate your birds and try again on another day. 

But, if they seem to be getting along well, you can reward them both with a treat to encourage the kind behavior. Continue with this step for a week until you are sure the birds can live in the same room for good. Only then will you move on to step two. 

Step Two:

Once your cockatiels can live in the same room together, it may be time to introduce them outside of their cage in a communal area. For this step, you will only need to take out one bird. 

Take the bird you first purchased out of his cage. The new bird should stay in their cage but be in the same room. Let the first bird have out-of-cage time and enjoy typical routines and training. Let the other bird watch how you both interact with each other. 

Step Three:

Now it’s time to take both of the birds. Create an area where they both can play. It should be a neutral area, and you can set it up in front of both the cages. Make sure it isn’t an area that one of the birds has already claimed as its territory. You can use something as simple as a tabletop or set up a jungle gym. It should be open as well so you can stop and possibly scuffles. 

You can open both of the cages and let them make their way out. Sit back and let nature take its course. If they have been getting along well thus far, there shouldn’t be a problem. You should still be there and observe if there is a fight, but cockatiels are pretty friendly and should get along fine. 

I wouldn’t expect them to fly to each other and be best friends right away. You may have to do this again and again until they are comfortable with each other. After a while, they may start entering each other’s cages to investigate further. No matter how friendly they get, it’s always best to keep each cockatiel in their cage when playtime is over. 

How much individual time should you spend with each bird? The recommended daily dose of attention for each cockatiel should be at least 15 minutes four times every day, which is a total of an hour. More is always better. You can never spend too much time with your pets. 

You should also give them at least 30 minutes of shared attention for all the pets in your home and a minimum of two hours of public awareness. If you are an animal lover, this might seem like a lot, but it’s a labor of love and quickly done. 

What about two females?

It’s the same with females as it is with male cockatiels. They should generally get along if you take the proper steps, but birds are individuals, and there is no knowing what will happen. The best thing to do is introduce them in the same way you would the men and hope to become friends. 

What about a male and a female?

There is no steadfast rule when it comes to a male and female of any species getting along. The powers that apply to a male/male pair and a female/female pair also apply to couples of cockatiels of the opposite sex. 

The one thing you need to be aware of is nesting and possible breeding. You can take steps to stop a female from laying eggs, but you can’t “fix” a cockatiel. 

Will they mate?

They may mate, and they may not. They may be compatible and form a life-lasting bond, but there is also a chance this won’t happen. You never know with birds, so be prepared that they may not breed. 

To breed, the female must be two years old and the male a year and a half at a minimum. Introduce them following the same steps above and, if they get along, you will know by their behavior.  

Warning signs they don’t get along.

You may have fears of introducing two cockatiels, and they’ll do nothing but fight. While they may hiss at the first meeting and possibly have a scuffle once in a while, two cockatiels that don’t like each other will more than likely ignore each other. Since you will have separate cages for them, it will be easy to keep them separated. 

Whether you are paring a male and male or trying to breed a pair of the opposite sex, you must show both of your birds equal alone time so they don’t feel jealous. Love is one of those things that you can never deplete. The more you give to your bird, the more you will get back. 

Rick Matthews

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