How Do I Keep My Leopard Gecko Entertained?

Your leopard gecko will live longer and happier if you keep him busy. Unfortunately, some pet owners forget this important part of taking care of their pets. If only they would purchase even one of the gecko toys, the lives of their reptiles would be significantly enhanced and filled with a great deal more delight.

How Do I Keep My Leopard Gecko Entertained?
How Do I Keep My Leopard Gecko Entertained?

Most reptile owners worry about how to keep their pets entertained. So, buy any toys (as mentioned above), hiding spots, and other fun gadgets to keep your pet Leo engaged and entertained.

How to Take Care of Your Leopard Gecko?

If you’re a gecko owner, you’ll know they’re called leos. You’ll also realize that although they are quite adorable, they have an inquisitive nature. They adore being engaged in play, given attention, and being handled.

You can ensure that your gecko is very happy by handling it from the moment you get it, talking to it, and providing it with a lot of tasty treats. You’ll get a happy owner and pet if you properly care for, handle, and feed your gecko. They have a potential lifespan of twenty years.

5 Different Ways I Can Keep My Leopard Gecko Entertaining

Offer Your Gecko A Different Place To Hide

Your gecko needs a place to sleep; ideally, that area would be interesting for exploring while there. Introducing an exciting new hiding spot may stimulate your leopard gecko’s attention.

Provide Your Gecko With a Fresh Rock

You can buy rocks with unique forms and characteristics at most pet stores. These rocks are called reptile rocks. Leopard geckos enjoy climbing on rocks; therefore, providing them with a new one is always a good idea.

Buy Leopard Geckos Toys

Toys, such as little plastic lizards or insects, may be placed in the tank with them. Some leopard geckos will play with these and chase them around their tank. Because these lizards and bugs are typically battery-operated, your pet does not need to catch them to have fun with them.

Provide Your Pet With Real Crickets

You may give your leopard gecko live crickets to play with, but you should keep a close eye on it while it’s eating them. Using a toothpick to clamp the cricket’s legs makes your leopard gecko chase it before eating.


You can purchase ornamental plants that are safe for pets and robust enough to bear the weight of your leopard gecko. You can also buy or make fake plants to put in the tank, and you can do either of these things.

Can I Play With My Gecko?

You can most certainly engage in playful interaction with your leopard gecko. Don’t interact with your leopard gecko until it’s acclimated and confident. Since they are quite delicate, you should also avoid playing with a baby leopard gecko no longer than three to four inches in length. As soon as a leopard gecko feels comfortable around you and begins to trust you, you may begin interacting with it by playing with it and touching it.

If you have a new leopard gecko, it is unlikely to trust you; thus, you must spend 3 to 6 weeks bonding with it and learning how to manage it appropriately. Allow sufficient time for your leopard gecko to adjust to its new environment before you bother it too much.

How Do I Keep My Leopard Gecko Entertained?
How Do I Keep My Leopard Gecko Entertained?

Leopard Gecko Toys and Activities

Toy leopard geckos are available for purchase, or you may construct your own. Toys will make the habitat more engaging for your leopard gecko as well as add variety to its existence. 

You should only change your leopard gecko’s tank arrangement once every 2-3 months. Your leopard gecko could become stressed out if its habitat suddenly shifts. You should just add a few things at a time and shouldn’t rearrange things too frequently or radically.

Best Toys for Leopard Geckos

1.     Reptile Hammock

One of the greatest gifts you can offer a gecko is something that resembles its natural habitat. This hammock provides your pet with a place to sleep, climb, and examine its surroundings.

This splendid hammock is woven by hand from natural seagrass and appears completely unaltered from its natural state.

2.     Reptile Caves

Leopard geckos live in places like caves and burrows that are small and tight. Your pet will experience less boredom if you give them places to investigate, places to hide, and places to rest. 

The rain cave stimulates reptiles to drink flowing water, like in nature. Moving water noises and fragrances, together with blue LED lights, provide a fascinating atmosphere for your pet.

3.     Lizard Playpens

Lizard Playpens are a unique product recently available on the market. These waterproof cages provide a secure place for your leopard gecko to play with toys. Playpens are useful in various contexts, such as when traveling or when you want to take your leopard gecko on tour outside.

Leopard gecko ones are smaller and cheaper than bearded dragon ones. Be sure to get a playpen for your gecko that is the right size, and look for one that is simple to put together and take apart.

4.     Bendable Branch

It is vital to give your gecko’s environment a natural appearance, but you should also provide it with objects that it may use to perch on, hide behind, and construct its own house.

You may construct a jungle for your geckos to climb and swing from. They will have a better sense of belonging, will be motivated to be active, and will be able to enjoy themselves more as a result. They’re easy to add to their house and move if necessary.

5.     The Flexible Jungle Vine

This fantastic jungle vine has an excellent appearance, giving the impression that your gecko has never been removed from their original home. It looks great, bringing something distinctive and one-of-a-kind to the surrounding surroundings. In addition, your gecko will have a lot of fun playing with it if you put it in its habitat. It is two meters long and ideal for all geckos; it provides them with a tasty snack and improves the area’s quality.

6.     Driftwood

Your gecko will have a lot of fun with natural driftwood, another traditional piece of reptile tank decoration found at pet stores. There are several distinct species of driftwood, each of which may be found in various sizes. Some parts contain many branches and little holes, while others are bigger and smoother.

There are normally three distinct shades of driftwood, which are red, dark, and pale. Always ensure the driftwood you put in your aquarium is suitable for reptiles.

Products made of driftwood that are decorated for the house may include paints and solvents that are hazardous to the health of your leopard gecko. Even if you are adding driftwood that is appropriate for reptiles, it is advised that you give it a thorough washing and scrub with dish soap to remove any dust that may be on it.

7.     Artificial Greenery

A fascinating climbing and exploring surface for your leopard gecko may be provided by hanging fake foliage, which functions similarly to flexible branches and hammocks. Always purchase artificial greenery that is safe for geckos for your aquarium. Paint is sprayed on certain plastic plants to provide color and texture to the overall design.

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