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Everyone likes toys. Even though you may be thinking, “Toys are for children,” we will just say that things like motorcycles, bikes, and sporting equipment are toys, too, only on an adult level. Toys captivate our minds and keep us from a boring life. Isn’t this what you want for your cockatiel? Sure you do. That’s why you’re here looking for the best toys for your cockatiels. Since you’re asking, we’re here to tell you what the best toys for cockatiels are. 

Best toys for cockatiels. Several types of toys are best for cockatiels. They fall into the following four categories. 

CHEWING TOYS:  Chewing is a natural way for cockatiels to mark the area where they plan on nesting. Due to this impulse will have your bird chewing on everything she can. To quell this, you should put chew-friendly toys in her cage so she can get it all out of her system. 

When purchasing a chew toy, or any toy for that matter, you must check that they didn’t make it with anything toxic. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

NOISE MAKING: If it jingles or makes a fun noise, your cockatiel will love it. The good news is your bird will squawk less when playing with the toys.

MIRRORS: Cockatiels think the bird looking back at them is someone else so that they can get into lengthy discussions about all kinds of bird things. Mirrors are fun, and you should have at least one in their cage. 

FORAGING: Nesting is another instinct that your bird will have, so it’s always good to encourage their interest in natural behaviors. These toys will be bright and made of shredded paper so they can pull them apart. 

PERCHES: While perches are where a cockatiel sleeps, it is also where they spend most of their day. There are fun perches that provide all the other toys we’ve mentioned, like mirrors and chewing toys. 

What types of things do they like in their cage? I would bet that cockatiels like all kinds of things in their cage, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should put them t in their cage. Our bird would love a big bowl of cheese crackers inside his cage, but that wouldn’t be in his best interest. 

Only put toys that were made explicitly for a cockatiel’s cage inside their home. Anything that isn’t made for a bird might have toxic paint, a loose part, or something that can cause serious bird harm. Keep the toy-making to the professionals and stick to toys made for birds. 

Do they like colorful toys? Yes. When reviewing the toys we’ve listed below, you’ll find that many of them have pretty bright parts because that’s what cockatiels like. 

How many toys should a cockatiel have? Your cockatiel should have at least one of each of the toys we mentioned. There is no limit to how many toys you can have for your cockatiel, and the more birds you have, the better off you are with more toys. That said, you don’t want to make their cage or aviary so overloaded with toys it’s tough for them to get around—everything in moderation. 

How do you keep them from getting bored? Some of the toys we’ve listed below are a great way to stop your bird from getting bored. And, while toys are fun, the best way to keep your cockatiel from getting bored is by spending time with him. It’s a good idea to spend at least one hour every day interacting with your bird. Otherwise, they can get lonely.

Now that we’ve given you a little background on toys, here are some of our favorites.

Toys for under 5 dollars 

Wild Harvest Chewable Perch for Cockatiels, Parakeets & Other Caged Birds

This toy is a 3-in-1 toy for your cockatiel. It can serve as a perch but also as a chew toy. It’s made from a seed blend that most birds find tasty and irresistible. The design looks like natural wood, and it comes with a bracket that can easily attach to any cage. This chewable perch is excellent for cockatiels and other birds of that size. 

Super Bird Creations Beaker Sneaker Toy for Birds

If you are a sneaker fan, this is a fun toy to put in your cockatiel’s cage. You can tuck a treat inside, and your little friend should have fun foraging through the shoe. She will also love playing with the colorful rings on the shoelaces

Swing Cage Accessory

This toy looks like it could hold a cockatiel’s attention for days with all the colorful things to spin. The bell at the bottom will satisfy your bird’s need for noise and consists of quality toxic-free durable materials. It’s simple to install, and it may even reduce any stress your bird might be experiencing. 

Toys for under 10 dollars 

Meric Sola Atta Foraging Balls

Pecking is one of those instincts that your bird might take out on your furniture when you allow her outside if you don’t quell it in her cage. This can be done with foraging balls. They are fun little ways to keep your bird entertained while their natural impulses are met. These are great for babies and senior birds. 

Bird Perch Stand Platform Natural Wood Playground

A perch like this will keep any bird active because there is so much to do once on top. They can grind their beak, which is healthy. They can also control their nails short and chew on them if the mood takes them in that direction. It is made from quartz sands, and the perch is wood. The color is food grade. 

PINCHUANG SHANTU 2 Pack Bird Chewing Toys

You may see many toys like this on your search, and there is a good reason why. They are safe, made of natural materials like wood, cotton rope, and rattan, safe for chewing. Toys like this satisfy a lot of desires like pecking and foraging. Chewing will be fun and safe with these balls of rope and, the bells at the bottom will give them something to chirp about. 

Toys under 20 dollars (Can all be amazon with suggestion links)

Hammock Swing Toy

This ladder would look like something out of a pirate movie if a confectioner made it. The materials used for this toy are all-natural and made by hand. You can use it as a hammock from one end of the cage to another or as a ladder. The bright colors will draw your cockatiel’s attention. 

Rope Perch Cockatiel Mirror

Here’s a great toy that is also colorful, which will attract your cockatiel’s attention and give them a partner to play with without adding another bird. Our little guy loves his mirror, and we do not doubt that your cockatiel will love theirs too. This one is especially nice because it has a colorful rope perch for chewing as well. 

Mogoko Natural Wood Bird Perch Stand, Hanging Multi Branch Perch

If you have more than one bird at home, then you may want to check out a perch that can be suspended from above and give all of your friends a place to hang out and gather for important meetings. This perch has a simple installation process, and it will help your birds socialize with one another. 

No matter what toys you choose, the best thing is to make sure there are no small pieces or sharp edges before installing any toys. We always want our cockatiels to feel safe. 

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