Are Bearded Dragons Exotic Pets?

Bearded dragons are only found in Australia’s natural habitat; nevertheless, most bearded dragons kept as pets in the United States are produced in captivity. These cute and friendly lizards are excellent first pets for several families interested in keeping reptiles. However, are bearded dragons considered to be exotic pets?

Are Bearded Dragons Exotic Pets?

The bearded dragon, also known as the dragon, lives in the wild in Australia. However, beardies are kept as exotic pets in many places worldwide. Bearded dragons are a common pet that may be purchased at pet stores, reptile expos, and even online from breeders.

Bearded dragons are a unique kind of exotic lizard that resemble dragons and are recognized for their laid-back personalities. They are quite obedient and friendly creatures and are most active throughout the day.

As a result of these characteristics, the bearded dragon has quickly emerged as one of the most popular pet animals in the world. As a result of their widespread appeal, many novice keepers consider them to be suitable beginner pets.

Beardies are Social

Beardies are known for their placid disposition and even temperament, as well as their ability to listen and react to the words and touches of their owners. If you’re looking for a pet lizard or lizard-like reptile, these are the ones to get! They are typically simple to control if you support their huge, flat bodies from below and encourage them to walk as they pass. Children can handle dragons as long as they are under adult supervision. Almost all reptiles carry the salmonella bacteria, so anyone who touches a dragon should wash their hands afterwards.

Light, Heat, and Moisture 

Plants may benefit from artificial lighting during the winter months when there are fewer daylight hours. Beardies can take both calcium and phosphorus from their diet if they are exposed to enough UV radiation during the day. This will allow their skin to produce vitamin D, which is necessary for this process. This is essential for the growth of healthy bones, the contraction of muscles, and a wide variety of other natural physiological activities that take place in the body.

If dragons are not subjected to enough UV radiation, the calcium in their bones can drain out, causing the bones to become weak and more prone to breaking. They will also have muscle tremors because of poor muscle contraction, their organs may malfunction, and ultimately, they may pass away. The ideal temperature range for their tanks is between 90 degrees, where they may bask in UV sunshine, to 70 degrees, where they can chill off if they want. The suitable temperature variation in the tank is essential for the body. Temperature affects beardies’ immune systems, nutrition, and metabolism.

Bearded dragons require a specific amount of humidity in order to shed their skin and maintain their hydration levels effectively. It’s sufficient to provide a mist or soak them regularly and an open water dish for them to climb into. When there is not enough humidity, they hang on to the skin they have lost, particularly above their eyes and over their toes. The retained skin might impair their vision and constrain the ends of their fingers. If you want to make sure your bearded dragon is happy and healthy, you need to take them to a vet specializing in reptiles so it can check over its tank.


Beardies like salads with dark green vegetables, fruits, carrots, and broccoli. Don’t put the old salad in their tanks. It is harmful to one’s health and has an unpleasant odor. Bearded dragon hatchlings eat a lot of insects. Therefore, they need to experiment with different types of greens as soon as possible to switch to a more plant-based diet as they age. If they eat an excessive amount of insects, they will develop an obesity problem.

They Prefer People to Beardies

Bearded dragons are exotic creatures that may be territorial in their natural habitats. You must never have more than one bearded dragon in the same enclosure since this might lead to severe injuries.

However, things take a whole different turn when it comes to people. Beardies are known to sit on their owners’ shoulders while walking around town. You may even carry them while securing them in a harness and then let them go about and play in the dirt or grass (as long as it’s pesticide-free.)

They Have a Long Lifespan

There are instances of dragons living as long as 12 or 13 years when they are adequately cared for, but the typical lifespan of a bearded dragon is between five to eight years. If you want to maintain a bearded dragon as a pet, you should be prepared to do so for many years.

Are Bearded Dragons Exotic Pets?
Are Bearded Dragons Exotic Pets?


Bearded dragons are one of the world’s most popular pets. They are friendly, docile, and simplest to domesticate. They can also be quiet and have fun being around other people. They are very durable for such a small lizard, and many develop a deep and enduring attachment to their caretakers.

Even though they are cheap and easy to find, they need special care that can be hard for new owners to handle. Keeping the tank in the appropriate conditions and providing a balanced diet for the fish is essential.

Salmonella contamination is a major cause for concern wherever bearded dragons are present because of the potential for the bacteria to spread.

Whether or not you should keep a bearded dragon as a pet is ultimately up to you and your lifestyle. If you have enjoyed learning about them and feel you can meet their care requirements, then you should absolutely buy one!

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